What I use to run this blog

October 4, 2018 - 3 min read

This year I want to take everything more seriously. I want to keep growing my business. Build more products. Establish routines to help me keep focused on work and what's important. Stop wasting my time with things that will bring me nothing down the road.

I feel like a blog is a good first step in that direction, but I want something simple, with a good editor that doesn't cost too much, so what technologies fit my needs the best?

Blogging platform

I've worked a lot with WordPress for clients, it's a platform that's really robust and with a big community, but to be honest, it's a pain in the ass to work with.

I wanted to use something newer, and that's where Netlify came in. A friend of mine was already using it and told me about their CMS, way more simpler than WordPress and integrates with most static site generators ( and it's free! more of that below ).

I picked one of their templates, deployed with one button and made a really simple theme in a couple days.


If you want to try Netlify CMS, that means using their platform to host your website. They use git repositories and then take care of building and deploying the site for you.

If you need some back-end functionality, check their amazing features, you can also use custom domain names and set up HTTPS with a couple clicks.

Workflow for writing

I'm no writer. That's obviously, so my workflow for writing is still in an early stage and will probably change with time. I use Notion to organize everything related to my business, so adding another block for the blog was the easiest choice.

I have a list of posts I want to write and some tags to sort them ( Completed, In progress, On hold ).

writing workflow

Cost of running the blog

The main advantage of using Netlify as CMS and hosting platform it's without a doubt, pricing. If I were to use WordPress the hosting alone would be a minimum $5 per month.

Netlify let's you host your site and use their CMS for free, so the only cost that this blog has it's the domain, which cost around $20 per year ( $10 per year if you want a .com instead of the weird .me ).