When I started a marketing agency with my wife, the tool to set everything up was obvious to me, Notion.

I’ve already talked about the app on this blog and will continue to do so for a couple years as it’s my main tool for organizing my business, side projects and personal life.

We needed a template for the agency that we could use as a CRM for lead generation and cold emailing to keep an ongoing list of businesses we wanted to work with that align with our vision.

If you want to duplicate the template, here’s the link. As you can see we divide the process in different phases.

No status for the list of possible businesses to work with, then if we like them, we start investigating more in depth what they do, their social media profiles, website…

After that, we prepare a custom cold email and a presentation on Canva with what we believe they could improve, how we can help them, and a free 30-min call in case they want to talk more.

If you put time into your cold emails and presentations, but you’re not getting sales calls scheduled, it’s time to reevaluate your client persona and your emails.

If a prospect accepts your sales call, it means they like the effort you put into the presentation, the email, and the benefits you can offer them, so it should be way easier to sell them your services.

This is a simple but effective template that works for us, modify it to your liking and if you think it can be improved, contact me on how you would do so!

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