After the leaks Microsoft finally announced Windows 11 it’s coming this year or early 2022.

There’s been plenty controversies surrounding this news, some with valid reasons and some, like always, just to generate buzz and clicks to news outlets.

Wasn’t Windows 10 the final major OS for Microsoft?

That’s what they said. In my opinion, this comes as a new OS instead of an update to Windows 10 because some of the features that we will discuss later  (mostly Android apps on your computer).

Microsoft Teams is now integrated into Windows 11

Just like all major companies do with their products, Microsoft decided to integrate by default Teams into their new OS.

If you already use the app, this probably doesn’t have a big impact on your workflow, but for those who doesn’t, it sucks. Windows, as we all know, doesn’t let you delete some apps and even if you do, the next day they will appear once again on your computer.

Good thing is, people always find workarounds to remove them, so we should just wait for those tutorials to pop up.


Windows 11 offers updated widgets similar to those on the MacBook's that allow you to  customize your desktop without having to use apps like Rainmeter.

It seems Microsoft wants to consolidate their “ecosystem” like Apple does, which would be really nice further down the road depending on how they handle it.

Android Apps

Windows 11 will let you use your android apps directly on your desktop, no more emulators to play games or use some of the apps that we all love. The apps will be available through Amazon Appstore, which have almost 500,000 apps ready to use like Disney+, TikTok, Netflix, Uber and more.

This is the biggest update and honestly a really good one. This alone makes me want to switch to Windows again, but I already have a solid workflow on Apple and I depend on some of their apps.

The new start menu

A lot of news outlets are praising the new start menu, god knows why. They just aligned the buttons to the center (after so many years, it was time to give us that option without using external software).

Other than that, the menus to search and filter do have a cleaner design compared to previous versions, which is always nice to have.

There’s a lot more coming to Windows 11 like better multitasking, snap groups and improved performance for gaming, which it’s exciting to try once it’s here.

Are you waiting for Windows 11 to release, or are you sticking with Windows 10 for the time being?

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