Today I want to focus on how to secure manage passwords for your business and personal accounts, optimal configuration for your browsers, examples of secure passwords and how to remember them.

You would be amazed to know that most people still use the same password for all their accounts and that they are usually names, birthday dates and a mix of easy to remember day to day stuff.

Password managers

The first step to securely manage your password is to not even know them. Quite simple if you think about it. In this post I will not mention any paid or free-but-sketchy apps, only the one I personally use.

That app it’s Bitwarden, which is open source and you can use everywhere as a desktop app, browser extension, and you can download it on iOS and Android.

How to create a secure master password

All password managers use a master password to unlock the app and access your catalog, but how do you create a secure one?

The method I recommend it’s to create a phrase that you like and know will be able to remember, for example “I love my van more than my wife” and then change it a little, exchanging spaces for dashes, and maybe a couple letters for numbers, so we get this:


It’s the method I always recommend to my friends and I believe it works pretty well, as this type of password it’s technically impossible to hack by brute force.

Optimize your browser settings

If you’re using a password manager, you probably are tired of telling your browser to not remember every single password you paste.

The only real configuration I would say it’s necessary in your browser it’s using an AdBlock and blocking the browser from saving and remembering passwords. Most web browsers allow this, so that’s nice.

As for which AdBlock to use, uBlock Origin is king, if it’s not available on your browser, check alternatives and do your research before installing, don’t just install the first one you see.

Two-factor authentication

In case anything goes wrong and someone gets your password, it’s always nice to activate 2FA in every website and app that’s available.

Some websites use third-party apps to manage this, like Authy, which I use for Twitch and Discord on my iPhone and works wonders.

To wrap this post up, mention that I use the same master password for my Google account and Bitwarden. You could use two different master passwords if you want.

Do you use a different password manager or app to handle 2FA that you really would recommend?

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