In today's article, I would like to explain how I use Notion linked databases to manage multiple freelance projects, including communicating with clients through Notion comments, which is far more efficient than relying on email to iterate on tasks.

Although a main database with all your tasks in Notion does the trick, it's not convenient to work on a particular project when you need to keep track which tasks are designated for a specific client.

That's where linked databases and filters come in handy, letting you time block every project and having a clear vision on what needs to be done.

Screenshot of

As you can see, the top database has 3x more tasks than the bottom database. Top database contains every project task, while bottom contains the filtered linked database for one of our projects (open in a new tab to enlarge).

What I usually do first is work on whatever tasks we have a close deadline on (In progress), and then I see which project has more tasks not started (we use Icebox as possible ideas to implement on the websites if we run out of tasks).

From there, I decide which project I want to work on and then open the linked database to avoid getting distracted by other projects' tasks.

In addition, one advantage of using Notion linked databases is that you can invite all clients to their own database (with view only permissions), which means that they won't see other clients' work except their own.

I believe letting clients see what you're working on and being transparent will help you to have a better business relationship in the long run.

How to create a linked database

To create a linked database in Notion, select your main database, on the right side of the filters, click the three dots, and then copy link.

After you copy the link, paste it whenever you like and select the "Create a linked database" option. That's it!

The reason I recommend this method of organizing your tasks is that your clients can provide feedback on tasks they are reviewing, so they can iterate before finalizing them, instead of using asynchronous communication platforms (Slack, Discord...), which should be avoided.

How do you organize your freelance work? Shoot me an email as I'm always interested in learning how other people manage their work.

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