This article it’s hard to write because like it or not, we run our digital lives on one or two companies.

We all need an email account for work, creating social media accounts, staying up to date with your favorite newsletters and even modern digital banking (some use a phone number, some require an email).

The likelihood of having a Gmail account banned it’s pretty low but not zero, and there are plenty cases where users have been banned without an explanation or the opportunity to appeal it.

If you’re a full-time YouTuber and Google decides to demonetize your channel, unless you built some other revenue streams, you’re probably screwed.

If you run a Shopify store that depends on Facebook ads to be profitable, and you get banned, if you didn’t work on SEO and other channels to acquire users, you’re probably screwed.

Revenue streams when you’re a business owner are very important, and none of them should, if possible, bring in more than 75% of your total revenue.

Of course this is easier said than done, but just to be sure, what’s the best option if you do run your business on a closed ecosystem?

As the book How to steal like an artist by Austin Kleon mentions, “An important lesson to learn: If you talk about someone on the Internet, they will find out.”

We can apply this not only to individuals but also companies, so don’t mix personal and business accounts. Seriously, it’s that simple. If you run your business from a new Gmail account, and you don’t do stupid things, you should be good to go.

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