Apple included a native way of installing and using custom fonts in previous versions of the iPad and iPhone, but it’s not widely known and kinda tedious to work with.

If you do a lot of design work, you probably need a fast way of installing and using custom fonts for Affinity Designer, Procreate and the rest of your apps.

Today’s quick post it’s about an app that handles all this work so you can focus on your designs, FontCase.

The good thing about FontCase is that you can import fonts directly from iCloud or Dropbox and that you can preview the fonts themselves with other useful metadata.

You can also create a collection of favorites that you’ll be able to later mass install if you wish, not wasting time importing them one by one.

The last point I want to touch is privacy, the app it’s open source so you have nothing to worry about and if you’re a programmer, you can contribute to the app.

If you use another app to manage fonts on your device, email me so I can check it!

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