Asynchronous communication is perfect for most use cases, and when used in combination with more traditional methods like email is perfect for freelancers… right?

That’s what I used to think too, but for most people who’re starting out their first business with customer support or freelancing, it’s not that good, and here’s why.

Small business owners and freelancers usually work alone or in small teams, and asynchronous chats like Slack are available 24/7 but you and your team aren’t.

We are keen to answer immediately a chat message or try to take as little time as possible, so people know we care and how reliable we are.

This urgency will develop into stress if left alone and let’s be honest, no one likes to deal with that.

In contrast, let’s take the example of email. It’s fine to take one or two days to answer, schedule a call if needed or if urgency demands (and as we’ve said, it shouldn’t) use Slack, Discord or whatever chat you like.

In a healthy client-freelance relationship there shouldn’t be a need to be communicating multiple times a day through a chat, and Notion comments + email are the perfect combination in my opinion to handle client communication.

Of course for urgent tasks and more formal conversations you can always use a video / call app like hangouts or zoom.

To summarize, the alternative to asynchronous apps in my opinion it’s to have a mix of emails, comments for task management (Notion in my case) and video calls a couple of times a week to talk formally.

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