Today’s article it’s just me ranting about people I like that don’t add RSS to their websites even if it’s 2021 and this usually means a couple clicks of work.

TL;DR: Don’t be lazy, 90% of people don’t return to your website, so give them options to still follow your amazing content.

A lot of people like reading articles or newsletter, and even more people use RSS feed applications to stay up to date with their favorite content.

That’s why it’s important to add an RSS feed to your website, it takes no time at all, and you can reach a new audience of people that don’t like to go to 30 different websites to read what they enjoy.

The friction that creates having to open 20 new tabs with blogs it’s usually not pleasant and a lot of days you just don’t do it because you don’t want to deal with Google Chrome eating all your RAM.

On the other hand, if you open your RSS reader you have all your content in one place, and you don’t lose time that could be spent somewhere else. By the way, if you use Apple devices, I recommend using NetNewsWire, which is free.

I read a lot of WordPress blogs that don’t have an RSS feed. You might think, “where’s the problem?”, and the problem it’s they are probably just lazy or really lost when it comes to technology.

If you preach about coaching, technology, businesses and all that stuff but don’t want to learn how to even do simple things that directly impact your business, I don’t want to follow you.

Most web builders include RSS by default or just with a couple clicks. In WordPress you can install a plugin to handle everything for you. Ghost also includes this by default, and most blogs have the option.

If you have a custom website, you either are a programmer, so it should take you 10 minutes to add it, or you pay someone to do all that stuff, which should cost you 1 hour of their time, so don't be lazy.

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